Contribute to break the taboo!

My main objective is the children! To set them free, and help them realize that their parent’s disease is not their responsibility or fault. That they are not alone and others share their daily life, worries and sorrow in having a parent suffering from depression and/or anxiety.

Secondly, I want to break the taboo in suffering from a mental illness. The prejudice and condemn are heavy with depression, anxiety and other mental diseases, and most common just due to insecurity, ignorance and superstition.

I welcome you to join me in giving children the relief and insight and a voice in a situation, they most generally are left alone in.

Share your experience, thoughts and feelings as a depressed parent, person or spouse.

Thank you!

Why the book?

I am the mom of 2 wonderfull girls. In my period of fullblown depressions, my eldest daughter from my first marriage was 10. And my youngest was 1½ years old. It is definitely challenging having depression, stress and anxiety and parenting. Challenges, that I want create awareness and knowledge to the subject.


What is depression and anxiety? And how is it to be depressed and afraid? My journey in becoming conscious on my depressed me, began with a suicide attempt in 2004. I recently got divorced and was lost and chaotic. I actually think, that I had an untreated postpartum depression. Anyway, I did not succeed in killing myself and this was the beginning of recovery and redefining me.

depression and children

You can imagine that one of my heaviest worries was the impact my disease had on my children. I have to accept, that my eldest have been through a lot in her young life: Divorse, depression, moving in and out and getting and becoming a new family.

However, before I could do something about this, I had to safe myself first and get my shit on the road: Come to know my disease, the symptoms and my reaction and what trigged and triggers it. Learning valuables preventive tools and make lifechanging steps.

my mom, the Snake, and me

Det billede, jeg havde i mit hoved som en illustration for, at angsten/depressionen har overtaget.

The first image that filled my head when I was thinking on how to explain my situation to my children!

The book was created from 15 drawings, that I during an anxiety attack drew in an attempt to try to explain to my children what was going on with mum. And why I once again, was urged to stay away from an event in kindergarden.

This was back in 2012. Last year through work, I was fortunately enough to e-meet this wonderfull lady with the right skills and competences to translate the book from Danish to English: Camilla Baker-Gammelgaard, psycodynamic counsellor for children and adolescents.

I am so grateful, that now children and their families outside Denmark, can get the book and hopefully benefit from it.


  1. Thor Kidmose says:

    Jeg fandt det interessant, personligt og stærkt beskrevet 🙂
    Kh T.


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